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A.S. Byatt, Charlotte Brontë, Ignes Sodre
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John Derbyshire
A Storm of Swords: Steel and Snow
George R.R. Martin
A Constellation of Vital Phenomena: A Novel
Anthony Marra

Remains of the Day

The Remains of the Day - Kazuo Ishiguro Perhaps it helped that I had an unashamedly Anglophile context in which to enjoy this book, but really, I would recommend it to anyone in search of an excellent, heartbreaking tale. The writing is just superlative: it is restrained yet absolutely evocative. Just as The Thorn Birds' Father Ralph learned the hard way about the futility of his ambition to become the perfect priest, so too does Mr. Stevens (in a much less soap operaish way) discover that perfection is not what it seems.